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by Andy on
Great Service. Fast shipping.


I don't usually leave comments or reviews but I am very impressed by how fast my order was delivered especially around the holidays. I have been let down multiple times recently from other vendors who avoid accountability and the juxtaposition really shows how you conduct your business and value your customers.
I can't really comment on the quality of the product because I haven't received my shoes yet but that's neither here nor there... >:(.
Thanks a bunch,

by Michael Morra on
Halfsoles kit (vibram lug)

Top quality service and materials. Just recieved my half-soles. I love how this guy found this small niche and just decided to make a business from it and help others just like him. Awesome. Keep it up dude!

by Steve on
Great service and support!

After finding Spencer's website via YouTube, I recently purchased "The Lug Kit," and have been thoroughly impressed by the service provided, not to mention competitive pricing. After a mistake I made in my shipping address, my communications were quickly responded to, leaving me a satisfied customer. No doubt I will return for my future shoe-care needs!

by Isaac S. on
Overall good w/ some issues

First I want to say that the videos are great, prices are very good, and shipping was fast. I got the lug soles, dress heel lifts, and the big can of Barge. I was able to apply everything to my Wolverine 1K's and the final result was reasonably good, but did run into some issues:

1. One boot (the first I glued/wrapped) does have slight gaps on the edges. We'll see if this amounts to anything but I think that I a) applied too much glue in the first coat instead of two lighter coats and b) didn't wrap the string tightly enough.
2. Cutting the heel lift to size with the hooked utility blade was kind of a nightmare. I had no issue trimming the half sole but the heel lift is thick, dense rubber and I had to throw all of my weight on the blade just to move it about 1mm or less per second. This led to the heels looking a bit sloppy; I sanded them with a Dremel and they ended up OK, but it wasn't nearly as easy as the video seemed to show. Not sure if this is an issue with all of the heel lifts or just the Vibram Dress ones.

I'll try to leave another review in 6 months with an update on how things have held up, but maybe I'd suggest adding some tips on wrapping the soles tightly for curing and alternative cutting methods for the tougher/denser heel lifts.

Yes, the Dress heel lifts are very difficult to trim. The Lug heel lift, which I trimmed in the video, is a softer rubber compound. Sanding the edges of the Dress heel lift, as you did, is a good idea. A nice fresh blade for trimming Dress heel lifts also helps.

by Brian on
Great for a DIYer

Fast shipment, best prices online and all in one place. With good reviews and photos/videos of the products being used, very helpful!

by Carl H. on
Great price and fast shippng

This is a great site, and offers quality goods at a great price point. I received my half soles, razor and cement and they all are great!

by Chance on
Fast shipping

Fast shipping and the lowest price online. No really, shop around and try to find a better deal. Picked up the cement and razor while I was at it.
Thank you.

by Joe C on
Helpful and informative

Very helpful and informative videos. Well done si, and nice work.. I now feel pretty confident that I'll be able to pull this off. I have a pair of 1000 miles on the way, and living in New England, adding half soles is probably the way to go. Thank you!

by oleg on

The process was not to bad but i must have messed up a little. i have slight gaps all around the edges. they are little but they are still present. hopefully the next set i do will be better.

I feel your pain. The most common causes for gaps around the edges are not applying enough glue at the edges, and/or not getting a nice tight wrap all the way around the edge with the rope while the glue is curing.